In July 2019, we posted a blog about the Lean Library browser plugin. We now also want to recommend another plugin that (like Lean Library) is giving you off-campus subscription access and searches for open access articles. But Kopernio has more to offer. Kopernio gives you PDF cloud storage and reference manager integration. You can store the PDF’s that you have found in an online locker, so that you can keep track of your downloads from all your devices. From the locker you can download the file to your computer, share it with your colleagues or create a RIS-file that you can use to update your reference manager database (like EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero). Kopernio maintains a page that shows a comparison of several researcher workflow plugins. See also in more detail.

Please note, the TU Delft is using a Beta version of Kopernio.

Since July 2019 the number of Kopernio users from TU Delft has grown steadily.

Additional advantage is that the Library can keep track of the number of downloads for each publisher and for each individual journal. Very useful information while managing journal subscriptions.

The Kopernio plugin is available for Chrome and Firefox. Give it a try at

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