In the light of the COVID-19 outbreak, JoVE has decided to provide all their video content for free through June 15th. All the – approximately 12.000 – video articles from the JoVE Video Journal and the educational videos from JoVE Science Education will be available for TU Delft students, teachers and researchers.
These include a set of coronavirus focused research videos.

So please check out:

JoVE Video journal

JoVE Science Education

Some TU Delft researchers have already used JoVE to publish their videos articles.

Please note:

1) You will have to be on campus in order to access these video, or you have to use a VPN client to make connection with the campus. If you do not have a VPN client yet, check the ‘Access via VPN’ instructions on the TU Delft website. Or 2) you can create an account based on your institutional email and a password of your choice. Click here to get started.

Take care!