Some of the highlights of the team Research Data and Software at TU Delft Library in 2024. Full details are in the pdf  – TU Delft Library – 4TU.ResearchData Operational Plan 2024.docx


  • Learn data management skills (as support staff)
  • Join the 4TU.ResearchData community and connect with peers about data management
  • Publish your research data
  • Publish your software
  • Publish your NetCDF files (OPeNDAP)
  • Learn about future and past research data events
  • Learn basic computational skills to work reproducibly (Software Carpentries)
  • Get funding to make research data FAIR
  • Contribute to the development of Djehuty


  • 4TU.ResearchData strategy
  • Djehuty – Integrated data submission system
  • Data curation by WUR
  • Thematic DCC for Natural and Engineering Sciences
  • Skills4EOSC
  • RDNL Dutch Data Prize
  • GDPR for Data Support
  • ADAPT: A metaDAta Publication Toolbox
  • Nexum: Data4Art
  • Peer review of software and data
  • Data and Software Hub
  • Community platform development (as part of Skills4EOSC Fellowship Programme)