Some of the highlights of the team Research Data and Software at TU Delft Library in 2024. Full details are in the pdf  – TU Delft Library – RDS Operational Plan 2024 Summary


  • Coordinate Data Stewardship
  • Manage online advice on data management
  • Provide topical advice on data and software management
  • Write a data management plan
  • Use an Electronic Lab Notebook
  • Learn research data management & digital skills (as researcher)
  • Get hands-on support with data management


  • Guide on research data and software management for PhD supervisors
  • Course on version control and collaborative development for research software
  • Integration of FAIR Data and Software in the new Academic Career Track (ACT) programme
  • Creation of Face-to-Face sessions for the ‘Personal Data and Human subject in Research course’
  • IRODS pilot
  • Guidelines for Research Data/Software Management in various research fields
  • Research data and software peer review
  • FAIR4ResearchSoftware