In today’s world of rapid information, finding a place for deep, thoughtful engagement can be rare. The Institute of Art and Ideas (IAI) provides such a sanctuary through, a platform dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary thinking and philosophical inquiry. Now, this valuable resource is available to the TU Delft community.

Access and Subscription Details
TU Delft’s subscription provides access to the video and article library but does not include courses.

The IAI’s Unique Library of 3000+ Videos and Articles:
• World-leading perspectives on philosophy, science, culture, and arts
• A decade of discourse from influential thinkers and academics
• The library is constantly expanding: new releases join the library after 6 months

A Meeting Place for Thinkers brings together leading thinkers from various fields, including philosophy, science, politics, and the arts. The platform hosts events, lectures, and debates, offering a steady stream of insightful content.

Rich and Diverse Content features a wide range of content, from articles and essays to courses and podcasts, contributed by scholars and intellectuals worldwide. Whether you have a few minutes or hours to spend, there is content to match your level of interest and time.

Interdisciplinary Exploration
The platform excels in its interdisciplinary approach, allowing users to explore the connections between philosophy and other domains like science, politics, and the arts. This broad perspective enriches understanding and fosters innovative thinking.

Community Engagement encourages active participation through comments, discussions, and live events. This interactive element makes learning a shared and dynamic experience, engaging users in meaningful dialogue.

Explore the IAI Player
The IAI Player section of contains a rich collection of videos, organized into various categories, including Philosophy, Science, Politics, and Arts. These videos feature lectures, debates, and discussions by leading scholars and intellectuals. Although access for TU Delft is limited to content older than six months, there is still a wealth of material to explore and learn from.

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