The 2015 Journal Citation Reports (JCR) edition is now available for all TU Delft staff and students.

JCR provides a systematic, objective means to evaluate the world’s leading research journals. It offers a unique perspective for journal evaluation and comparison by accumulating and tabulating citation and article counts from virtually all specialties in the sciences, social sciences, and technology fields. JCR Comes with Two Editions: JCR Science Edition and JCR Social Sciences Edition.

To help you compare journals and discover which are the most significant to you, Journal Citation Reports can show:

  • Most frequently cited journals in a field
  • Hottest journals in a field
  • Highest impact journals in a field
  • Most published articles in a field
  • Subject category data for benchmarking

New interface and integration with Web of Science

JCR, is now, together with Essential Science Indicators, available as an integrated part of the Web of Science platform, and boasts numerous new and improved features. The full integration lets you link to and from Web of Science to JCR Web, and from JCR journal records to and recent Current Contents Connect tables of contents.

For a quick overview of new features and an explanation of the integration with Web of Science you can watch the videos below.