On 16 April 2024, the Barcelona Declaration on Open Research Information was published. Its focus is on reforming how metadata about scientific outputs is shared and used – specifically making sure that such data is open and not closed.

The Declaration has far-reaching consequences. It makes numerous strategic demands of not just university libraries, but Human Resources, Corporate Communications and ultimately senior management.

For libraries, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here at TU Delft Library, here is a sketch of some of the paths we are considering taking.

Short term

Medium term

  • Make Open Research Information a key pillar in the work of Research Analytics and Collections team in library, working and experimenting alongside with other existing sources.
  • Start a Library (or even university) Metadata policy that exposes all TU Delft library, university metadata as CC0. Push beyond research for open metadata – open educational metadata, open heritage data
  • Continue discussions with other strategic stakeholders (HR, Corporate Comms) over the use of open research information as part of Rewards and Recognitions process, or to use black box data only in limited situations
  • Finalise an Open Infrastrucutre policy, either locally or nationally.

Long term

  • Seriously consider the use of and need for ‘commerical black boxes’ such as Pure, Web of Science, Scopus and others.
  • Continues strategic discussions, and hopefully finalise university wide policies focussing on the use of Open Research Information.